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EasyGentleParenting.Com is a place for YOU to learn how to implement Gentle Parenting in your home so you can see more peace and have a deeper relationship with your children. I provide tips on topics ranging from toddler hitting, dealing with strong willed children, setting boundaries, and more.

I started using Gentle Parenting right from college, long before I became a parent. I have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education, which is where I was first introduced to the concept of positive discipline (also called Gentle Parenting).

The reason Gentle Parenting has always stood out to be is because it actually considers child development, the foundation of my education. Gentle Parenting does not try to control our children to do what we want them to do right now, instead it considers what the childhood is truly capable of and how to make an impact on them that will last long term.

And that’s what we really want to see, right?

Time out chairs, scoldings and various forms of punishments (even if it “fits the crime”) is all focused on short term attempts to control a child’s behaviour.

We’re not about that here.

This is a place for parents to learn how to make long term impacts on their child’s behaviour, without getting angry and impatient in the process. This is a place for parents to grow and learn beyond how they were disciplined as children. This is a place for you.

I’ve worked with literally 100s of children over the years (which has given me even more confidence that Gentle Parenting is the way to go).

Being a Mom Brought it All Together

After years of working with children I became a parent in 2016, and that’s when all my knowledge of child development and discipline really came together to Gentle Parenting.

So many of us bring baggage into parenthood that we’re not even aware of.

We might think we’ll be more patient than our own parents, but there can be triggers and default reactions buried deep inside. You can be a child development expert but still have moments where you feel like you’re going to snap when it’s your own child.

This is why Gentle Parenting is so powerful. It’s not just about changing our child’s behaviour, it’s also about changing ourselves and becoming better, stronger people.

Lizzy Mash and her child

Fun Facts About Me

I’m a Canadian living in South Africa

I’m an INFJ Myers-Briggs, and enneagram 9 if you’re into that😝

I’m the kind of friend who doesn’t want to go out, but once I do I’m glad I did

I’m a strong believer in the importance of anti-racist parenting, but I’ve still got a lot to learn myself.

lizzy mash

If you want to know what I’m doing in that picture, you’ll have to check out my Instagram account. If you’ve ever felt like your child’s behaviour is out of control, like you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you can’t seem to control your own anger, then stick around because I’m going to show you how that can all change.

And if you really want to get serious about Gentle Parenting right now, today, then you should jump into my Gentle Foundations for Parenting course. It’s free because I want you to start seeing progress today!

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