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Has your child’s meltdowns and tantrums gotten out of control? Every time they get upset you feel like you might lose it too?

You need to teach your child how to regulate their emotions with a 
Calm Down Corner

A simple printable pack of resources and a how to guide to set up the best calm down corner in your own home so your child learns how to handle their big emotions

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What’s In The Kit?

A calm down corner is a gentle parenting strategy you can feel good about. Imagine next time your child has a big meltdown they have a place to go that makes them feel calm and process their emotions appropriately.

Instead of feeling helpless to your child’s big feelings you and ready to start yelling you’ll have simple tools that work.

picture of childs hand holding calm card

Limited Time Offer

$29 $12

selfie of mother and child

“This product has made parenting a hundred times easier”

 I was at the end of my rope almost. It felt like anytime my older wasn’t having a meltdown, my toddler was having a tantrum instead and I was on the verge of breaking down myself some days.

The graphics that get the kids really involved and help emotional literacy, combined in one place.

When for the second or third time we used the “candles” breathing exercise and she still broke out in giggles each time. That’s when I knew it would stick.

There are far fewer screaming fights, and much more talking about how we each feel. Occasionally there are still insta-meltdowns but my child and I are able to work together to get her calm enough to talk about it and fix the issue. That means throwing things in a fit of temper almost never happens anymore, which is an amazing change especially for having used this for such a short time.

Honestly, this product has made parenting a hundred times easier and more of a cooperative effort than a constant power struggle. Nearly a miracle in my own house.

-Fawn, daughter age 6

Hi, I’m Lizzy

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I’m a qualified Early Childhood Educator and have worked with hundreds of children.

You don’t want to just make guesses when it comes to parenting, which is why everything I offer is in light of child development and treating children with respect – so you can feel good about your parenting decisions.

You’re the expert of your child, and I’m here to help you be the best parent you can be.

Bonus Material to Help You Control Your Anger Too

mom and child sitting on floor looking calm

“[The moment I knew it was working for my child was] when he asked to go through the yoga poses having only done them once – both times whilst calm, but it was something that stuck with him and something he enjoyed doing with me so allowed for some real connection time.
It’s a functional resource in our home and can be referred to quickly and easily, there are a few more feeling words being added to my child’s vocabulary to better describe his feelings, even if just in play. Great resource, would recommend.”
-Justine, son age 3

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a very patient parent, will this work for me?

Definitely, because there are bonus tools here to help you with your big feelings too. When we learn how to be calm it helps pave the way for our kids too. Anyone can learn to overcome their anger.

I’m new to this type of parenting, how can I be sure I’ll implement it properly?

That’s why along with all the printable resources you’ll also get a how-to guide on how to set up the calm down corner in your home, explaining each of the resources and how to use them with your children.

Sometimes when my child has a meltdown I feel helpless, so how do I teach them to calm down?

Along with the printable resources that go in your child’s calm down corner you will also get a packet of materials just for you to keep on hand to teach guide you during their meltdowns. You will also learn how to start implementing the calming strategies before they have a meltdown.

How is the Calm Down Corner Kit delivered to me?

Immediately after purchase you will receive access to all the digital files for you to print any time to use in your home.

What age kids does this work with?

The recommended ages is from 3-9 years old, and many of the materials are adaptable so they can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Some parents have started using it with their 2 year old, and they might be a little young for it but they’re starting good habits early. You’ll always have access to the same materials as your child gets older.

Trust me – my child is never going to sit alone in a corner, so will this even work for them?

This isn’t a problem, because unlike time out, with a time in you don’t require your child to stay there for a certain amount of time, and they don’t have to be there alone. You are one of your child’s biggest comforts in the world, so going there with them can help them too. You can also use the printable materials anywhere to help guide you in conversations about emotions with your child anytime throughout the day.

My child has a neurodiversity so will this work for them?

Yes, it can. The calm down corner kit resources are based on teaching your child about their emotions, which can be a challenge for children with certain neurodiversities, but the visual aids can make it so much easier. Even if you think your child won’t sit alone in their calm down corner, you can still use it with them as a safe, comforting place, or just use the printable materials to help you have conversations about emotions in the moments they are feeling calm. You might also find the calm down techniques taught will work for your child too.

mother and daughter hugging

$29 $12

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