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A thorough breakdown to discipline to eliminate the confusion and headaches from handling your child’s behaviour.

(because YOU are the expert of your child and deserve to know how to handle challenging behaviour❤️)

Do you ever feel helpless to tackle your child’s behaviour?

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Do you ever feel like you got the “hard” kid?

You’ve had those moments before where after a long day your child finally does something that just makes you SNAP

You’re cooking dinner while everyone is on the verge of hangry, when all of a sudden from the living room you hear


Your toddler just ripped the pages out of the book you’ve been reading. 😐

Without even thinking you forcibly grab the torn book from their hands and shout, “What’s wrong with you?!?!” 😡

Your toddler cries. You cry. Dinner burns.

You know this isn’t what parenting should look like.

You know there must be a better way to discipline.

To not get angry.

To discipline with love.

But you just haven’t made it work yet…

But did you know…

There is a way to discipline your kids


🚫 Yelling

🚫 Spanking

🚫 Time out

🚫 Lecturing

🚫 Feeling like a frustrated and overwhelmed parent!

Imagine EVERYDAY you had…

💜 Confidence in every discipline decision you made

🧡Children who want to do the right thing

💙A deep, meaningful relationship with all your children


There is a lot of bad parenting advice out there.

But when parents start to use positive discipline strategies with their children, using skills like active listening and natural consequences, their entire family changed


* Shorter and few tantrums

* Less lying and whining

* Fewer power struggles

* A deeper bond between parent and child

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Don’t just guess when it comes to discipline.

Get advice that actually works👇🏻

My name is Lizzy Mash and I want you to rock this parenting gig

I have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education so I use my knowledge of child development to teach effective discipline strategies in the form of
Gentle Parenting


The Gentle Parenting Course is your road map to a happier home. It will teach you how to keep your cool while using effective discipline strategies that are in the best interest of your child.

Become a calm mom

The straightforward way to effectively discipline your children – without yelling or spanking.

* Natural consequences
* Positive language
* Firm boundaries
* Handling a child’s big emotions

Everything you need to know to become a gentle parent.


Class Curriculum

Start Here
-Introduction (6:20)
-Inspirational Parenting Quotes to Download
-Extra Downloads + Info

Gentle Parenting Basics
-Gentle Parenting 101 (8:31)
-3 Parenting Styles (6:03)
-Quick Tips (10:32)

Emotional Health for Mom
-Emotional Health + Gentle Parenting (7:18)
-My Past + My Present (11:52)
-Dealing with Anger (16:37)
-Self Care (13:01)

-Why Mutual Respect Matters (6:58)
-What Does Parent to Child Respect Look Like? (8:04)
– Setting Firm Boundaries (8:54)
– Focusing On The Problem, Not The Problem Doer (7:07)

Validating Feelings
-The Power of Validating Feelings (7:12)
-Emotional vs Rational Child (8:34)
-Mistakes When Handling Big Emotions (15:05)

Positive Language
-The Power of Positive Language (8:17)
-Positive Language for Correction (11:55)
-Positive Language for Encouragement (9:20)
-Positive Listening (9:43)

A Trusting Relationship
-The Power of a Trusting Relationship (12:45)
– Making Time for Quality Time (9:07)
– Connection in Correction (4:46)

Natural Consequences
-Why Chose Natural Consequences Over Punishments (16:35)
–How To Use Natural Consequences (12:52)
–When Your Child Hurts Someone Else’s Child (6:39)
–When Natural Consequences Don’t Work (8:59)

Age Appropriate Skills
-Why Kids Need Skills (6:50)
–Fostering Independence (8:57)

-You can do this (4:38)

Common Behaviour Solutions
-How to use this section
-Biting, hitting and other aggression (9:20)
-Child won’t do their chores (6:59)
-Potty Training (4:05)
-Toddler tantrums (10:02)
-Not listening, direct disobedience (10:06)
-Trouble running errands (8:23)
-Public Meltdowns (10:23)
-Screen Time (15:56)

Here’s something I know about you…

You are a good parent.

No matter how bad the bad days look with your kids, you’re a good parent.

Because good parents are willing to improve.

Good parents are willing to do things differently than how they were raised.

You might feel stuck dealing with your child’s behaviour right now

But it’s not going to stay that way.

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Why Choose THIS Parenting Course?

There are a few parenting courses out there but this one is DIFFERENT for a few reasons.

1. Video content – No boring, long audio files that you’ll never finish. Just straightforward, to the point video clips with a slideshow presentation to watch along with it.

2. A Kindergarten teacher who is also a mom as an instructor – I’ve had years of experience working with children of all ages, all around the world and have dealt with all kinds of  challenging behaviours. But I’m also a millennial mom facing many of the same challenges as you right now. My strategies are tried, tested and true, but also CURRENT.

3. There is no expiration date – If you don’t finish after 8 weeks you’ll still have access to the course. It’s yours forever and ever, unlike most parenting course which have an expiration date.

lizzy mash profile picture

I’m Lizzy Mash and I know how to create a yell-free positive-attitude home.

+ I’m a qualified early childhood educator working as a Kindergarten teacher with professional training and experience in positive discipline.

+ I’ve worked with children all over the world for the past 10+ years

+ I’m a mom who knows what it’s like to have a lot on your plate while still wanting to be the best mom for your children

This course is right for you if…

>> You’re feeling frustrated with your child’s behaviour

>> You want parenting advice that actually works

>> You want to discipline your child in a way that is both firm and loving

>> You learn well through short videos with slideshows


What if these strategies don’t work on my kids?

The strategies I’m teaching you are based on what’s known about childhood development, not just what’s worked on a few kids here and there. Ultimately though, you are going to take what you learn from this course and combine it with YOUR knowledge of YOUR children so it will work for them. This course will take you deep so you won’t just know the strategies, but you’ll know how to solve new behaviour problems on your own.

I’m really impatient – will this work for me?

Absolutely! A big part of parenting impatience is that we feel overwhelmed because we don’t know what to do. Having strategies in your pocket will help you to stay calm because you will have more confidence for once, instead of feeling helpless up against your child’s behaviour.

I’ve always used spanking and punishments, is it possible to change to gentle parenting?

There are parents who used spanking and punishments for over a decade – nearly 2 – who were still able to change their ways! You may need a period of time to adjust to the new style and to assure your children that you won’t be doing that anymore, but it’s definitely possible to stop using spankings and punishments and embrace a more gentle approach to discipline.

My child is still just a baby, should I still take this course?

It’s up to you, but I believe now is the BEST time to learn about discipline because in the future you will already be prepared, rather than waiting until you’re in the middle of tantrums. Don’t forget – you’re access to this course doesn’t expire, so you can refer back to it at any time.

When does it start and how long do I have to finish?

Your course will begin as soon as you sign up! Watch the video lessons at your own pace and you have a LIFETIME to finish it! You can refer back to lessons at any time, and whenever the course gets upgraded you will get all the new improvements for FREE.

How long will it take for my children to become perfectly behaved?

Weeellll…if I was claiming to create perfect children this would definitely be a scam! 😛 The Gentle Parenting Course is going to give you the skills to guide your children to have a heartfelt willingness to do what’s right. Depending on your specific circumstances you could see results almost immediately. We’re not looking for perfectly behaved children, but children who can make good choices and moms who can keep their cool even when the bad choices are made.

Could a parenting course really be worth the price?

With over 4 hours of training, which will help you make actionable steps towards change in your discipline strategy, this course is a bargain. Imagine how much parents spend for birthing and baby care classes, and that’s just the beginning of your child’s life. The things you will learn in The Gentle Parenting Course will benefit you and your child for a lifetime. 

What if this course isn’t what I’m expecting?

Hey I get it, nothing quite as disappointing as buying something online and it not being what you had hoped for. So for that reason there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on The Gentle Parenting Course.

Do you issue a certificate of completion?

Yes, if you need a certificate of completion for something like family court you can contact me via email once you finish the court and I will make your certificate and email it to you as a PDF. You will be responsible for printing the certificate. Many parents have taken The Gentle Parenting Course after being instructed by a judge that they needed to take a parenting course.

And to sweeten the deal…

+ Lifetime access to all course material

+ Personal support for behaviour problems in your home

+ Free upgrades when available (even if the price changes!)

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End the Discipline Stress

Stop guessing when it comes to discpline by learning the basics of Gentle Parenting - an effective, respect based parenting strategy.

Effective Discipline Strategies

Stop guessing when it comes to discipline.

Learn these proven discipline strategies because you'll need them every day.

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